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as funds allow, we offer veterinary assistance to at-risk pets of low income senior or disabled families.


Monroe Gets Life Saving Animal Apparatus!

C&C Treasurer Chie Yoshimura w/ Stitch & C&C President Susan Wise w/Kobe
Photo by Gary Stelzer, Middletown Journal


Catnip and Carrots Animal Bunch of Monroe has purchased 7 sets of Animal Respiratory Masks from H.E.L.P. Animals of Florida and will be donating them to the Monroe Fire Dept. and Paramedic Units. They will be carried on each emergency vehicle in their fleet: enough for the entire community. They could potentially assist the surrounding areas when called upon, not to mention their canine SWAT unit.

Asst. Fire Chief John Centers had never heard of this life saving equipment and is happy to have them added to their trucks. These oxygen mask sets are manufactured by McCullough Medical of New Zealand and consist of three various sizes made specifically to resuscitate dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and of all sizes and include necessary air tubing. The EMS unit simply attaches the mask to an oxygen tank. They truly make the difference in life or death situations and can be used in cases of smoke inhalation from a common house fire, a natural disaster such as tornados, a terrorist attack, or exposure to chemical fumes.

Though Monroe had only 30 house fires last year and just one involved a pet, the City will be ready to respond and help any animal in need of resuscitation.

These masks were paid for out of Catnip and Carrots general fund. At $450, they felt it was a much needed expenditure for their local residents. With offices in both Ohio and Huntington Beach, California, they are also distributing 15 additional sets of masks to Orange County Fire Departments working the front lines of the recent wildfires and have been receiving private donations for those in a separate Wildfire account.

Formed in 2005, Catnip & Carrots is a non profit organization with approx. 30 volunteers and over 225 supporters. Along with animal welfare, spay/neuter and emergency assistance for low income senior or disabled pet owners, they are also active in disaster preparedness education.  Preventing tragedy is simply another way C&C tries to help homeless and resident animals. After all, pets are family, too!

Monroe Council Presentation
January 8, 2008


Monroe Fire Chief Mark Neu II, Asst Chief John Centers and C&C President Susan Wise & Treasurer, Chie Yoshimura
Monroe City Council Photos provided by Debbie Shell


Catnip & Carrots Animal Bunch of Monroe Ohio has donated 7 sets (21 masks) of Animal Respiratory Masks to the Monroe Fire Dept. and Paramedic Units.
They are now carried on every emergency vehicle in their fleet!

We are now accepting donations to purchase additional masks for other cities, such as Middletown, Hamilton, Liberty Township, Trenton, Oxford, West Chester & Mason. With your help, we can get this life saving equipment on every rescue vehicle in Butler County! Your donation is tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

Please make your check payable to:

Catnip & Carrots Animal Bunch
ATTN: Save Ohio Pets
125 Sackett Drive
Monroe, OH 45050

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